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  1. Inca Berries

    Starting at €9.39

    Use them as a snack during the day or use them in your salad.

    The dried Inca Berries have a deliciously sweet tangy and sour taste.! The berries are rich in dietary fiber, have high vitamin C content (antioxidant) and also act as a good source of energy.
  2. Goji Berries

    Starting at €10.74

    Snack these delicious berries or use them in pastries and salads.

    Goji Berries has a sweet taste together with a high fiber content that can help improve your digestion. Also, goji berries are a complete source of protein and contain both Vitamin A and Vitamin C (antioxidants), which can help support your immune system.
  3. Sour Cherries

    Starting at €9.39

    Ideal in your salad, in the pie or in the breakfast!

    Sour Cherries has a nice sweet taste and is rich in both Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Sour Cherries are also natural sources of the hormone melatonin, which can contribute to an improved sleep cycle. In addition, the berries contain dietary fiber and have strong anti-oxidant properties.
  4. Wild Blueberries

    Starting at €13.43

    These berries are amazing in your instant porridge, as a snack, or in your homemade muffins!

    Our Blueberries are sweetened with organic apple juice to give them a sweet and mild flavor and are perfect for people with an active lifestyle. The blueberries have high antioxidant values and is a source of both iron and magnesium.
Grid List

4 Items

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