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  1. Endurance Bar

    Starting at €2.95

    Use before or after physical activity.

    Endurance has focus on energy and optimal sports performance.

    This organic energy bar contain natural caffeine from the guarana plant, is easy to chew and digest, can contribute to a balanced pH value in the body, and contains both dietary nitrate (NO) and electrolytes.
  2. GainMaxx

    Starting at €2.95

    Use after a hard workout!

    GainMaxx is organic protein of highest quality.

    With a protein distribution of 4:1 between casein and whey, this powder ensures a prolonged and steady supply of protein to the muscles, both day and night. At the same time this bar can improve the body’s ability to digest proteins, functions as natural energy-source, and can improve restitution.
  3. ReCharge

    Starting at €2.95

    Use after your workouts, or the day before a race.

    ReCharge was designed to give you the best possible recovery.

    We have carefully selected ingredients that promote recovery, including l-citrullin (from watermelon), chlorophyll (from spirulina and chlorella), healthy fatty acids, antioxidants and an adequate amount of protein.
  4. VegaMaxx

    Starting at €2.95

    Perfect before and after workouts.

    Green Machine VegaMaxx is a high quality vegan protein bar!

    The bar contains as much as 24% vegan protein with a complex combination of amino acids, and at the same time has a rich content of healthy fatty acids and antioxidants.
  5. PowPow

    Starting at €3.36

    Use as protein bar after exercise or eat during the day for energy and increased calorie burning!

    PowPow is protein chocolate that kicks hard!

    Our organic protein concentrate is mixed with a delicious 70% chocolate and contain natural caffeine and harbanero chili. For this reason PowPow can help boost your metabolism.
  6. Dark & Salty

    Starting at €3.36

    Use as a substitute to your protein bar after physical activity.

    Dark & Salty protein chocolate contains 20% protein and is a delicious alternative to the protein bar after a finished workout. At the same time, dark chocolate flavonoids can act as antioxidants and help increase your immune system.
Grid List

6 Items

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