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Protein Kitchen Pack - Vegan

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The product is suitable for vegans

Soy Free

We do not use any ingredients with soy in our products

Gluten Free

We do not use any ingredients with gluten in our products

Lactose Free

The product is free of lactose

The Clean Green Choice

No artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives


The product is rich in natural antioxidants


The product contains natural caffeine

High Protein Content

The product contains more than 20% protein

This package is made for the vegan who loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen! It focuses on vegan products for cooking, taste and healthy ingredients.


Functional food

The product contains functional foods to target the suitability of the product as sports nutrition


100% Organic

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1 x Coconut Blossom Nectar - Single   + €11.41
1 x Coconut Oil - Single   + €9.26
1 x Goji Berries - Single   + €10.74
1 x Sour Cherries - Single   + €9.39
1 x Raw Cocoa Powder - Single   + €8.73
1 x Guarana - Single   + €14.64
1 x Bio Hemp 65 - Single   + €44.71

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    Product Features

    Product Description

    This package is designed to the vegan who loves experimenting in the kitchen! Do you love posting on Instagram and likes making your own protein pancakes or energy bars, then we have the right combination for you. The package focuses on products for cooking, taste and healthy ingredients.

    What does the package contain?

    The Protein Kitchen Pack includes our vegan BIO Hemp 65, which is a smooth and soft type of protein powder and can be used to add protein to your smoothie or your pancakes. In addition, the package contains a container of Guarana (contains large amounts of natural caffeine). The guarana powder may be used for home-made energy products (such as energy bars) or as energy sources in smoothies, juices or similar.

    When experimenting in the kitchen, it is important to add some colour to the food. Thus, the package includes Goji Berries and Sour Cherries, but also because these berries are ideal for use in baking.

    In addition, you will receive both our Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut Blossom Nectar in this package. Coconut oil is unrefined and thus it has retained the nice coconut flavour. It can be used for frying, baking, smoothies or as butter on top of your bread.

    Our coconut nectar is a natural sweetener and is also perfect for use in the kitchen. This kind of sweetener is perfect as an alternative to sugar/syrup as it ranks low on glycemic index (GI 35) and contains both vitamins and minerals.

    With this package you can unfold your creative side and try new things in the kitchen!

    Included in the package

    •  1 x BIO MPC 85 (750g)
    •  1 x Guarana
    •  1 x Virgin Coconut Oil
    •  1 x Coconut Blossom Nectar
    •  1 x Goji Berries
    •  1 x Sour Cherries

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