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Detox Pack

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The product is suitable for vegans

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Detox stands for "detoxification". The idea of detox is to remove waste in the body as we humans collect waste through several channels, e.g. through the air and different foods. In this package we have collected a number of products suitable for detoxification so you can start your own cure at home when your body needs it!


Functional food

The product contains functional foods to target the suitability of the product as sports nutrition


100% Organic

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1 x Spirulina - Single   + €11.95
1 x Chlorella - Single   + €14.64
1 x Cocoa Nip - Single   + €8.73
1 x Raw Cocoa Powder - Single   + €8.73
1 x Wild Blueberries - Single   + €13.43

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    Product Description

    Detox stands for "detoxification". The idea of detox is to remove waste products in the body as humans are exposed to this everyday, e.g. from air and foods. How can we help ourselves remove these toxins? In this package we have collected a number of products suitable for detox so that you can do it at home when your body needs it!

    What does the package contain?

    The first two products in the Detox package are Raw Cocoa Powder (Cocoa Coconut Powder) and Cocoa Nip (Kakaonibs). One of the benefits of cacao is the ability to expand our blood vessels, allowing more blood to be transported around the body. The more blood you can carry, the more you can clean your body. At the same time, cocoa has very strong antioxidant properties (through polyphenols among other things) and antioxidants are incredibly important during detoxification. By the formation of free radicals in the body, antioxidants can help fight them and thus reduce the risk of diseases.

    In addition to cacao products, our Detox package contains "Chlorella" and "Spirulina". During detoxification it is important to remove heavy metals in the body, and both spirulina and chlorella have the ability that they can bind to the heavy metals and help transport them out of the body. It is also said that chlorella has a natural cleansing effect and can reduce the number of toxins (toxins) accumulated in the body. This is because both chlorella and spirulina contain large amounts of chlorophyll, which is a well known substance within detox. Chlorophyll does not only work anti-inflammatory but is also alkaline thus it can help the body to a healthy pH balance (avoid acid accumulation).

    The last product in the detox package is Wild Blue Berries. The wild blueberry is nutritious and a powerful antioxidant. Due to their status as antioxidant, blueberries can also contribute to the removal of free radicals in the body.

    Included in the package

    • 1 x Chlorella
    • 1 x Spirulina
    • 1 x Raw Cocoa Powder
    • 1 x Cocoa Nip
    • 1 x Wild Blue Berries

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