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Cookie- and Privacy Policy

Cookie – and Privacy Policy


Cookies are data track that documents the user's behavior on a network registered with the user. That means, a cookie is stored on the user's hard disk together with cached files. There is no personal information in a cookie, but there are, however, login information, such as an entered username for certain parts of the web shop.

You can set your internet browser to inform you about new cookies, where you can also disable the use of cookies.

Cookies are used at www.greenmachine.life to increase the website's user-friendliness for you as a consumer.

Privacy Policy

We treat the following personal information:

Contact information such as:

E-mail address (e-mail used at work)
Company address
Job title
Work Telephone

Purpose of processing customer information may be one or more of the following:

Communication about relevant market information
Communication regarding fairs / events
Communication about innovation and development
Administrative when handling orders
Preservation of information with historical value for statistics and the like
Administrative for samples after communication with customers
Administrative upon submission of offers after communication with customers


Green Machine complies with the rules for processing information, and therefore provides readily available information about this treatment.


Most often, our processing of your personal information will be based on another necessary basis than consent. Therefore, we only collect your consent when it is necessary to process your personal information for the purposes described above. If we obtain your consent, however, it is voluntarily if you will agree, and you can retrieve it at any time by notifying us.


Green Machine acknowledges that all information is correct and up to date and deleted if they are not correct.

Dispatch of your personal information

We do not disclose personal data to companies for marketing without your consent. In connection with work-related contexts, however, we disclose the most necessary personal information to freight companies or collaborators to finish an agreement with the customer.

Storage and deletion of personal data

We store personal information according to the following criteria:

For practical and administrative purposes, we keep ordinary personal data for up to 5 years after the calendar year from our latest interaction. We only store information for statistics and the like if they have historical value.

Customer Rights

There are several special rights under the Personal Data Regulation when we process personal information about the customer:

The right to be informed about the processing of data
The right to access personal data
The right to rectification
The right to delete
The right to limit treatment
The right to provide data
The right of objection

The customer may make use of his rights, including objections to our treatment, by contacting us. For instance, if a customer has a request to correct or delete his personal information, we will investigate whether the conditions are met and, in that case, make changes or deletions as soon as possible.


If you are unhappy with the way your personal information has been processed, you can appeal to the Data Inspectorate, who then investigates the matter and decides.

Security of processing

As the information described above is characterized as "common personal information," they are processed and protected at an appropriate level of security.