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  1. Clean Gainer Pack - Vegan

    This muscle pack is perfect for vegans or people with lactose intolerance. It focuses on good proteins with high bioavailability (bioavailability affects the body's ability to absorb the proteins) and good amino acid compositions, recovery, healthy snacks, and the good taste experience.


  2. Clean Gainer Pack

    This muscle pack is designed for the serious gainer! The package contains protein products that can contribute to protein synthesis, healthy dried berries, raw cocoa powder (strong antioxidant that promotes recovery) and natural sweetener to sweeten your shake or protein pancakes!

  3. Race Preparation

    This package is designed for you to be completely ready for your big race! The package both includes products that can optimize your body before a race and products that can be used during a race. We have focus on optimal VO2Max, energy, endurance, pH value, recovery, and healthy stomach function.

  4. Detox Pack

    Detox stands for "detoxification". The idea of detox is to remove waste in the body as we humans collect waste through several channels, e.g. through the air and different foods. In this package we have collected a number of products suitable for detoxification so you can start your own cure at home when your body needs it!

  5. Post Workout Treats 1

    After a training session, the muscles need new supply of protein. This is not only important to build muscle mass but is also essential for the ability of the muscles to be ready for the next training. This package combines protein and recovery, while providing delicious flavours.

  6. Post Workout Treats 2

    After a training session, the muscles need new protein supplies. This is essential for building new muscle mass, and the higher the quality the better. This package gives you protein from the top shelf as well as delicious flavors.

  7. Post Workout Treats 3

    This package holds two different protein chocolates. The organic chocolate bars can be used as an alternative to the protein bar or split up and eaten in smaller bites when you need a little bit of sweetness.

  8. Protein Kitchen Pack - Vegan

    This package is made for the vegan who loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen! It focuses on vegan products for cooking, taste and healthy ingredients.

  9. Protein Kitchen Pack

    This package for the person who loves to be creative and experiment in the kitchen! The package focuses on products for cooking, taste and healthy ingredients.

  10. Healthy Snacks

    Do you have a sweet tooth and got trouble finding healthy snacks as alternative to candy and cake? This package focuses on healthy snacks that can be eaten when you need something sweet or the body needs energy.

  11. Weight loss Pack

    When you want to lose weight, the diet is essential. We have put together this specific package for those who need assistance for weight loss! The Weight Loss Pack focuses on satiety, metabolism, low sugar content, a body in balance, and physical activity.

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11 Items

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