De fleste tørrede bær betragtes som superfood, hvilket betyder, at de indeholder nogle næringsstoffer, der er gavnlige for vores helbred. Faktisk er tørrede bær fulde af antioxidanter, som gør det hurtigere for kroppen at restituere efter intens fysisk aktivitet. En undersøgelse af antioxidanterne i bær efter frysning og tørring af dem (1) viste, at niveauet af antioxidanter ikke ændrer sig fra friske bær til tørrede bær.

Hvad der primært ændres, er sukkerniveauet i de tørrede bær, som ofte vil være højere i tørrede bær, og det er også derfor, at disse bær ikke forbruges på samme måde som friske frugter, og ikke som erstatning.

Men der er brug for bær i vores kost, da de indeholder næringsstoffer som mange frugter ikke gør. Tørrede bær indeholder blandt andet kostfiber, som hjælper med at forbedre fordøjelsen, og kan samtidig fungere som energikilde pga. naturligt sukker og vitaminer. Hver bær har sine egne fordele:

Gojibær: Indeholder vitamin B2 og Fosfor, der begge er relateret til omsætning af energi. Det indeholder også en stor mængde jern, som kan bekæmpe træthed og er vigtig i dannelsen af nyt blod og ilt.

Inkabær: Har lavt sukkerindhold sammenlignet med andre bær. De indeholder C-vitamin og er en god energikilde, da Inkabær har en god portion naturligt kulhydrat. Kulhydrat vil give kroppen glukose, som vil blive omdannet til energi som vi kan bruge ved fysiske aktiviteter. Men kvaliteten af kulhydrat er vigtigere end mængden (2). Raffinerede kulhydrater, der er til stede i forarbejdet mad, kartofler, hvidt brød og sodavand, er dårlige kulhydrater. Alle fødevarer der indeholder naturlige kulhydrater som fuldkornsprodukter, grøntsager, frugt og bønner indeholder kulhydrater af høj kvalitet (3). Det er derfor, at Inkabær betragtes som superfood, da deres naturlige kulhydrater gør dem meget gavnlige.

Sur kirsebær: Har en høj mængde melanin, som kan medvirke til at regulere søvn.

Blåbær: Har en høj mængde C-vitamin og indeholder stoffer, der hjælper med at ødelægge kræftceller, mens de er ugiftige for kroppen (4).

Tranebær: Har en vigtig mængde C-, A – og K-vitamin. Det er en fremragende hjælp til urininfektioner, fordi den indeholder nogle antioxidant proanthocyaniner, der forhindrer bakterier i at opholde sig i kroppen. Den samme antioxidant kan hjælpe med at forhindre mavekræft ved, at sørge for at bakterierne ikke er i stand til at sidde fast på maven.


Disse bær er ideelle som en snack til aktive personer, der har brug for energi når de udøver deres aktivitet. At spise dem tørre giver mulighed for at opbevare dem langt længere end friske bær, samtidig med at alle næringsstofferne bevares. Brug dem i din morgenmad, dine cookies, din granola eller som salat topping!

Prøv Green Machines kvalitetsbær her


  • High content of antioxidants (might speed up recovery time after being active)
  • Superfood
  • Contains Vitamin B2, phosphorus and iron (phosphorus and vitamin B2 are both included in energy metabolism)
  • Rich in dietary fiber (contributes to better stomach function)

Goji berries have been used as Chinese medicine for more than 6,000 years and they provide several beneficial effects on the body. Their rich and sweet flavor combined with high fiber content makes them a perfect snack during the day.

Why Green Machine Goji Berries?

Studies show that goji berries have high content of antioxidants, especially zeaxanthin. Zeaxanthin is the substance that gives goji berries and peppers, among other things, their bright color. These berries also contain vitamin C, vitamin B2, phosphorus and iron. Vitamin B2 and phosphorus are both included in the metabolism of energy in the body.

The high content of antioxidants can help protect our cells from breakdown when exposed to, for instance, radiance or smoke. In addition, foods with high levels of antioxidants often are high in dietary fiber and low on unhealthy fatty acids.

The production

Green Machine Goji Berries are grown in a controlled ecological environment. When the berries are picked they undergo a drying process where the fluid content is effectively removed. Then they are packed in vacuum-proof bags and are transported to our warehouse where they are packed in pouches and shipped to our customers all over the world. Our goji berries are delicious sweet and crispy. Try them yourself!

Suggestions for use

Use as a healthy afternoon snack with nuts and kernels, mix them in your own energy bars or sprinkle them over the salad!


  • Contains large amounts of dietary fiber (can help improve digestion)
  • Very rich in antioxidants
  • Contains vitamin C
  • Great energy source (through natural carbohydrate)
  • Relatively low sugar content compared to many other berries
  • Superfood

Orange and golden berries, better known as Inca Berries, are thought to be one of the most ultimate foods found on the globe. The berries have a delicious sweet and sour taste, and at the same time have quite low sugar content compared to many other berries. The berries are rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber and starch, and is generally perfect as a snack for people with an active lifestyle.

Why Green Machine Inca Berries?

One of the benefits of our Inca berries is that they contain large amounts of dietary fiber. The fruit both have insoluble and soluble fiber. Insoluble fiber helps you to healthy and fast bowel movements while soluble fiber binds to cholesterol and prevents it from entering the body.

In addition, these berries has the highest content of antioxidants when comparing to other super fruits, such as apple, pomegranate, goji berries etc. When we are physical active free radicals may enter and cause damage to cell tissues. Here, antioxidants are effective as they can help you reduce these harmful effects.

The production

Green Machine Inca Berries are harvested in the months between April and August. The berries usually start to mature 3-4 months after the plant is flourishing. The cultivated berries are collected and transported to a farm. Here they are cleansed, sorted and ready for sun drying. Drying of fruit increases their durability and prevents them from being wasted. During this drying process, the temperature is never above 45 degrees as they want to ensure that the correct amount of liquid remains while the product retains all the nutritional value. Afterwards the bearings are packed in vacuum-tight bags and sent to our warehouse, where we distribute them and sell them to our customers all over the world. Try yourself!

Suggestions for use

The berries have a nice taste and is ideal as a healthy snack during the day! They can also be sprinkled on top of your yogurt or porridge as well as used in pastries.


  • Natural source of melatonin (can help regulate sleep)
  • Strong antioxidant (contributes to the refund process)
  • Rich in dietary fiber (can contribute to better digestion)
  • Superfood

Green Machine Sour Cherries (Sour Cherries) are grown in south-eastern Europe between Russia and Turkey. Sour Cherries are among other things a natural source of melatonin, better known as the hormone of darkness, as it helps regulate our sleep/wake cycle. Therefore, sour cherries are also used by some as a kind of sleeping pill.

Why Green Machine Sour Cherries?

Our Sour Cherries also contain proanthocyanins, which increases the content of the amino acid tryptophan. This is a brain chemical that plays an important role in our sleep rhythm. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid in the human diet. Among other things, it is necessary for normal growth in infants and for maintaining a stable nitrogen balance in adults.

Another advantage of Green Machine Sour Cherries is that they are rich in dietary fibre and can help ensure better digestion and healthy intestinal flora. In addition, the berries act as antioxidants and thus they can contribute to an increased immune system.

The production

Sour Cherries are also known as "tart cherries". The berries are hand picked and immediately after sorting the drying process begins. They are fragile and must be dried through a gentle system. When the berries are dried, they are driven through metal detectors, packed in vacuum-tight bags and shipped to our warehouse. Here they are packed in our containers and shipped to our customers all over the world.

Suggestions for use

The crisp and sweet taste makes the bearings ideal for use in a salad or the like. Try combining the berries with roasted walnuts, pear slices and green leaves like spinach or rucola. Alternatively, the berries can be used in baked goods, e.g. as filling in muffins.


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