Recipe of the Breakfast SUPER Bowl

This Breakfast SUPER Bowl is a super green smoothie bowl with great toppings, perfect to get a complete breakfast before starting your day. The goal of this recipe is to accumulate some super food inside the bowl to make it very healthy and yummy. Therefore, this breakfast bowl is a booster and the recipe is easy to realize, improve or to make your own.


  • 1 banana

  • 60g of baby spinach

  • 20g of yogurt

  • 1 tespoon of Spirulina powder

  • 1 avocado

  • juice of half a lemon


  • shredded coconut

  • goji berries

  • chia seeds

  • homemade granola

  • half a banana



Step 1

Squeeze the lime, cut the banana is slices, open your avocado, peel it and cut in pieces. If you prefer to drink your smoothie instead of making a bowl out of it, replace the yogurt by a milk of you choice (coconut, almond, cashew …)

Step 2

Add all ingredients inside the blender and mix smoothly until the consistency is firm and homogenic. If you don’t want the taste of Spirulina to be too present or you are not used to the taste yet, we recommend you to add the other half of the lemon’s juice and a natural sweetener. It will be easier to eat

Step 3

Pour the mixture into your bowl and add your toppings. We took colorful toppings which will stand out next to a deep green color. White, black, red. Add some homemade granola for a complete breakfast and add crunch to your bowl. Preferably the toppings are superfood like chia seeds, goji berries but any nut, seed, berries or fruits is perfect

Eat your breakfast bowl right away, it is not recommended to leave it too long in the fridge. Because of the avocado and the lime juice, the taste will be altered.This recipe is easy to improve or arrange with your own taste! If you want a deep green color like this one, don’t forget to add some green ingredients OTHER than just spirulina. Even though it is a powerful food coloring, the dark green color is made by adding greenies to the spirulina smoothie. Usually spinach is perfect for that and doesn’t taste at all when it is mixed with other things.

The concept of a breakfast bowl is to make an energy smoothie and add superfood toppings so that the bowl looks full of color and joy! Be creative when adding toppings, and search for inspiration to realize the perfect one! Learn more about the great benefits of Spirulina and Berries by following the links below the article.