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About us

About Green Machine

The company was founded 1st of October 2015 and in March 2016 we launched our first product. Our assortment covers 21 products and we have established export to England, Sweden and the Netherlands. Green Machine specializes in organic high-quality health foods, supplements and sports nutrition.

Production and packaging of all our product are done in Denmark and our production are subject to an extensive food inspection, which results in increased guarantee for quality. By operating in this manner Green Machine ensures our products are 100% natural, organic, without additives and of the highest quality.

Green Machines headquarters, warehouse and production are all located at Sydhavnen in Aarhus, Denmark. We aim towards setting new standards for organic, functional foods, health foods and sport nutrition. We constantly work to ensure our customers the best products at reasonable prices and by doing it in a sustainable and safe manner.

It is our ambition to stride for perfection and we believe in the simple instead of the complex. Einstein once said “Everything should be done as simple as possible, but not simpler”, it is simple quality can be tasted, smelled and sensed.
Our coworkers have interest, knowledge and dedication for nutrition and alternative health, and we encourage them to share this knowledge and think outside the box.

We look forward to work in cooperation with you and your company, in delivering organic products at reasonable prices.